About Me

Loay is an esteemed engineering luminary, celebrated for his indelible mark on history as a pivotal member of the NASA team that achieved an extraordinary feat—a groundbreaking helicopter flight on the surface of Mars in April 2021. His exceptional contributions to the Mars helicopter project have propelled him to the forefront of the field, earning him a plethora of prestigious awards that underscore his profound impact in showcasing the feasibility of helicopter flight in Mars’ challenging and ethereal atmosphere.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Loay has consistently exemplified innovation and leadership in disruptive breakthrough technologies across diverse industries, ranging from space exploration and automotive to renewable energy and aerospace. In recent years, his visionary focus has centered on spearheading advanced power conversion and propulsion technologies, igniting transformative changes within critical sectors such as space, aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor equipment.

Loay’s unyielding dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence have established him as an engineering paragon. Continually surpassing expectations, he ardently pursues organizational goals and objectives, fueling maximum results and shaping the future of the engineering landscape. Supported by a rock-solid foundation of professionalism and integrity, Loay’s remarkable achievements and visionary leadership render him an invaluable asset in every engineering endeavor.