2005-On Power Electronics Expert for Electric Vehicle

 Design and Maintain Power electronics Electric Vehicle.
– Selected system architectures and topology, selected component and technology used in design such as film capacitors, IGBTs, MOSFET.
– Design DC/DC converters, DC-AC inverters, and AC-DC rectifier for medium to high voltages.
– Designed hardware digital and analog circuits, Gate drive, power supply, discharge circuit for converters, inverters, battery chargers.
– Designed inverter for permanent magnet and induction motors.
– Responsible to reduce the cost of Product line by redesigning controls and qualifying new suppliers.
– Perform R&D testing to optimize performance and passed the standard, EMC, EMI, ESD and performance analysis, IPC610, IPC2221, Automotive design validation (DV) and process evaluations (PV), PPAP.
Key accomplishments:
– Reduced cost by redesigning and consolidate designs of inverters & DC-DC